Youth volunteer resources

Ideas and resources for students 6th grade and up.

Compiled by Kathy Mulholland, Freehold Public Library 


NOTE: If you need to do a project for school, religion, scouts, etc., it is YOUR responsibility to make sure what you do meets their requirements!  This is just a list of POSSIBLE ideas.


               --Babysit during church, committee, or group meetings...for free.

               --Fold bulletins, programs, or stuff envelopes.

               --Identify something that needs cleaning, dusting or sprucing-up and offer to do it.

               --Sharpen all the pencils in pews or book-racks.





Run a "collection drive" for local charities; ask your school, church or other centrally-located organization that you know about to let you place collection boxes so people can donate.




Develop and education and awareness program for a cause you care about.




Organize your friends into an action team to...


How to pay for your project?

If you're doing a project that will have expenses (such as building something), you'll need a way to pay for the materials, equipment, maybe shipping or delivery costs, photocopying/printing, etc. 



Things to watch out for/avoid.


Generally speaking: always do your homework and ask lots of questions before volunteering for an organization you don't already know.  Many will not accept middle-school aged youths, and might not accept high school aged volunteers.  The fact is, it's a lot of work to supervise and direct kids in volunteer service, and some organizations may not have the staff to do that.  Don't take it personally!  Some really need workers who can do things that you just have to be older to do (like drive a car).  You're not doing anybody any favors if you try to guilt an agency into letting you volunteer just because you "need the hours."


Also, be sure to be reliable and punctual!  Volunteer work can be a good source of recommendations for things like scholarships, awards, honor society and employment.  But if you're late or stink at the job, don't bother asking for a reference.  Sometimes volunteer work can lead to jobs or even careers. 


If you need any help researching (finding information) about things you're interested in doing, you can contact Mrs. Mulholland at the Freehold Public Library: 732-462-5135 or


Good luck!


So nigh is grandeur to our dust

So near to God is man;

When duty whispers low, “thou must.”

The youth replies, “I can.”

Voluntaries, Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)